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Small Animal Services
Advanced Diagnostics
Hancock Veterinary Clinic offers you lots of options for diagnostic testing. All blood testing, whether routine or diagnostic,can be performed in-house. These tests include a comprehensive chemistry profile, which provides a complete picture of your pet's health by evaluating organ systems and blood glucose levels. A complete blood count provides a detailed look at blood cells, indicating oxygen-carrying ability, immune system status, ability to clot, and overall health. Wellness testing has many benefits to your pet's health, including establishing healthy baseline values, identifying unseen disease at an early stage, serving as a pre-anesthetic health screen for a surgical or dental procedure, and increased safety for patients starting or receiving medication.

Routine testing is very important in monitoring the health of any animal especially older pets. An in depth look at all of the body systems in a senior dog or cat helps your veterinary team decide on special diets or medications that can help prolong and improve the quality of life. Aside from a comprehensive chemistry profile and a complete blood count, the Hancock Veterinary Clinic also offers heartworm testing and intestinal parasite screens. Intestinal parasite screens (commonly called fecal exams) monitor for parasites such as tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and coccidia. Ask at your next visit what testing should be performed on your pet! Urinalysis testing is also an important part of keeping your pet healthy. We offer sediment staining as well as standard urinalysis procedures to increase the likelihood of accurately diagnosing kidney or urinary bladder disease early on.

Many types of diseases are also diagnosed via imaging technologies. At the Hancock Veterinary Clinic, we are pleased to offer radiography services in house.

Other types of advanced diagnostics include fluorescein staining of the eye to check for corneal ulcers, Schirmer tear testing to check for adequate tear production, ear cytology to diagnose the cause of inflamed or infected ears, and abdominocentesis to assist in the diagnosis of certain types of abdominal diseases.

Surgical Services
Our experienced veterinary team at the Hancock Veterinary Clinic strive to bring you the most up-to-date care in the surgical field. Our state of the art facility along with advanced equipment, including an isoflurane anesthetic machine allows our trained staff to carefully monitor your pet from the time of induction of anesthesia through recovery. We also offer pre-surgical blood testing to monitor for unforeseen health issues and post surgical pain relief protocol all of which contribute to a more safe and comfortable surgical experience. Our surgical services include dental cleanings and extractions, ovariohysterectomies and orchidectomies, (spay and neuters), orthopedic repairs, ear crop surgery, feline declawing and a variety of soft tissue surgeries.

Wellness Care
Wellness and preventative exams and screenings are some of the most important work we do. A complete wellness care plan includes regular physical examinations, a tailored vaccine protocol based on your pets' individual needs and exposure to other animals and routine screenings for parasites both internal and external. Your pet will receive a complete physical examination by one of our licensed veterinarians and you will receive personal consultation time to answer any questions you may have regarding the health of your pet. As pets age, we may recommend blood screenings to uncover diseases in their earliest stages. Routine testing may include heartworm examinations, intestinal parasite screening, a complete blood count, and a comprehensive chemistry profile.

Boarding Services
The Hancock Veterinary Clinic offers year-round, climate controlled boarding facilities for pets. Your pet will receive loving care and attention, a clean kennel, fresh food and water twice daily during your absence. We encourage you to bring a blanket, toys and whatever treats you like and we will do our best to maintain your home routine. We have covered, shaded outdoor runs that are completely fenced in for safety, as well as indoor, air conditioned kennels. Call us today to make your boarding reservations, for more details, or if you would like to tour our boarding area.

Grooming Services
Hancock Veterinary Clinic has offered professional pet grooming for over 20 years. Our experienced groomers offer complete services from nail trims to full show clips, medicated baths to treat various skin conditions as diagnosed by a veterinarian, and any custom grooming service that you could request.

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